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1. Introduction
2. Subject
3. Notability
4. Sources
5. Content
6. End

Welcome to the Venipedia Article Wizard! This wizard will help you through the process of submitting a new article to Venipedia. There are 6 sections to step through, and then you'll be taken to the editing page. As each section is completed, the next will become available.
Please remember that in order to create a page, you need to be a registered user!
If you have questions at any point, please reference the Venipedia help section. Please remember that we are a unique wiki concerned with only subjects related to Venice, Italy. The administrators for this non-profit site are volunteers so please ensure your article is a relevant subject. Thanks!

Basics of editing

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It's highly recommended that you thoroughly review the help section on Venipedia before you attempt to create an article. We encourage contributions but only those that are relevant to Venice, Italy and are correctly formatted.

To learn more about what makes Venipedia unique please click here. To understand what subjects may be a conflict of interest click here.

Are you ready to create an article?

Note:This article wizard tool is derived from Wikipedia's article wizard for creating articles on Wikipedia. Many of the policies involved with creating a new article are the same or similar to those of Wikipedia.

For more information on Wikipedia policies, see their article wizard.

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