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Catanese Rialto2.jpg
The Rialto Bridge
Number 433
Longest Ponte della Costituzione
Widest Rialto Bridge
Shortest Ponte del Diavolo
Newest Ponte della Costituzione

This page is an overview of all the bridges in Venice.

The city of Venice is composed of 126 islands connected by 435 bridges.[1][2] These bridges are essential for the unity of the city and play a major role in daily pedestrian traffic.



A precise model of a Venetian Bridge

Bridges have served as an important piece of infrastructure throughout the history of Venice and its formation from multiple islands. Before bridges existed in Venice, the numerous islands were separate communities with their own churches, stores, and lifestyles. At this time landowners used planks to cross from one island to the next and charged a small toll to those who wanted to cross over.[3]

Over time the methods of getting from one island to another in Venice have evolved. Initially, a boat known as a traghetto was used to transport people across the natural water ways. [4] As stated above the first bridges were simple wooden planks placed across the smaller canals to enable passage. Eventually permanent bridges began being constructed out of wood. Today masonry bridges make up the majority of bridges seen in Venice, and a few metal bridges have been . These bridges vary in structural design and material composition.

Bridges can be separated into private and public bridges. Public bridges are used by tourists and residents of Venice for regular transportation while private bridges are bridges that lead specifically to one or multiple households or business entrances. Approximately 2% of bridges are private bridges. [5]


Top Ten Longest Bridges:

1. Ponte della Costituzione

2. Ponte dell'Accademia

3. Ponte degli Scalzi

4. Ponte di Rialto

5. Ponte Vivarini

6. Ponte dei Pensieri

7. Ponte Longo

8. Ponte Serenella

9. Ponte S. Donato

10. Ponte dei Tre Ponti 4

Top Ten Shortest Bridges:

1. Ponte del Diavolo

2. Ponte de l'Ogio

3. Ponte S. Gregorio

4. Ponte Ingresso Monumentale Arsenale

5. Ponte Storto

6. Ponte de la Dona Onesta

7. Ponte del Tentor

8. Ponte Privato va al civico 5964

9. Ponte S.G.Grisostomo

10. Ponte piano della Zecca

Notable Venetian Bridges

There are four bridges over the Grand Canal in Venice: the Rialto, the Accademia, the Ponte degli Scalzi, and the newest, the Ponte della Costituzione.

Bridge Application and Details

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