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The façade of the church.
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The Chiesa di S. Giorgio Maggiore in Isola, or San Giorgio as it is locally known, was founded in the year 1610 and is a Catholic church.



First constructed in 982, San Giorgio Maggiore was constructed on the island originally named Isola dei Cipressi, now renamed San Giorgio. A Benedictine monastery was established along with the church by Vitale Candido and the Badoer family. The body of Saint Stephen was brought to rest in 1109 from Constantinople and in celebration of the Saint's feast day, December 26th, Venetians floated thousands of candles in Bacino di San Marco. This tradition ended with the fall of the Republic in 1797.\nThe church and monastery were damaged by an earthquake in 1223 and rebuilt by Doge Pietro Ziani, who later retreated to the island. A second rebuilding occurred in 1565 by Palladio who replaced the Gothic church and enlarged the monastery. In 1851 the church and monastery were given to military authorities. During this change of hands, the church was badly damaged and fell into disrepair. In 1951, the Giorgio Cini Foundation funded a complete restoration of the church and brought back its reputation as \an institute of lofty historical artistic culture\.

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The bell tower associated with this church is Bell Tower - San Giorgio. Please click the link to learn more!

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