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The façade of the church.
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The Chiesa di S. Lorenzo, or San Lorenzo as it is locally known, was founded in the year 840 and is a Catholic church.



The church was originally founded in the 7th century and a Benedictine convent was added by Doge-to-be Orso Partecipazio in the 9th century. The latest rebuild of the church was completed at the beginning of the 17th century. Supposedly, Marco Polo was buried here, but during that reconstruction his casket was lost. The church and convent were suppressed in 1810 by Napoleon, but reopened by the Dominicans in 1842 and then returned to the city in 1865. After sustaining damage during World War One, the church began renovations to uncover the original floor of the church in the 1950's. Workers hit water during their digging and unsure of how to complete the work, abandoned the project and left the church with a huge hole in the floor. Mexican archeologists have since reopened the project and are in the process of undoing the damage.

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There is no bell tower associated with this church.

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