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This guide contains information regarding the mechanics of Venipedia. For information regarding the purpose, content, and approach that separates Venipedia from other websites (such as Wikipedia) visit the About page.


Venipedia versus Wikipedia

Venipedia is a MediaWiki installation, which means that editing pages in Venipedia is the same as editing pages in Wikipedia. To view basic wiki style syntax consult the Wikipedia Cheatsheet.

Contributing to Venipedia

This section contains information about adding and deleting content from Venipedia. If you would like to become an approved contributor to the site, please follow the instructions on the Become a Contributor page. Before you begin writing an article for Venipedia, read our user guidelines and structure of a Venipedia article pages.

Creating Pages

Venipedia offers contributors the ability to create pages manually or for users to automatically create pages using extensions.

Manually Creating Pages

Venipedia has two options for creating articles manually:

  • Use the Article Creation Wizard when creating a page that will follow a given template. For example, an Institutions page, which follows the Institutions Template.
  • To create a page without a template, simply type the desired page name in the search bar and click "Go." If the page does not already exist, click on "Create this page" to create the page. To prevent redundant pages from being added to Venipedia, please be sure to search multiple titles and relevant keywords to ensure that the content you are trying to add does not already exist.

Note: Titles in Venipedia are case sensitive! Be sure to name Typical, Individual, and Aggregate Pages correctly - to learn more about these pages, click here.

Automatically Creating Pages

Groups of individual pages generated through data sets should be created using the City Knowledge Console. If you are interested in uploading a data set to Venipedia, please contact a site admin to get started, then consult the City Knowledge Help page for more information. Please note that generating pages based off of a data set creates a large security risk and as such, only administrators can access the console to actually generate pages.

Deleting Pages

To delete a page, ask an admin to add you to the can-delete group. Once added to the group, the "Delete" option will appear in the drop-down menu at the top of a page near the search bar.

Editing Pages

Venipedia follows the same Wiki Markup format as Wikipedia. To learn basic functions such as how to properly format headings, text, and multi-level lists visit the Cheatsheet.

For more advanced topics such as:

view the Venipedia syntax guide so that your contributions execute properly. Be sure to understand how templates work before trying to edit infoboxes and navboxes!

Improving Venipedia

To help improve Venipedia take advantage of the following methods to rate, review, and feature content in Venipedia.

Rating Pages

  • Article Feedback Tool: Every page has a small box with several categories and a star based rating system at the bottom. Please take the time to rate pages with regard to the various qualities of writing and content on those pages.

Reviewing Pages

Featuring Pages

If you find an article that follows Venipedia's guidelines, uses the proper structure, and contains exceptional content, then you can add it to the Featured Articles Category. Any article that is placed in the Featured Articles Category has a random chance of appearing on the front page of Venipedia. Featured Articles are considered to be the best of Venipedia and are used to showcase Venipedia to the public.

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