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This page is meant to act as a guide for users to follow when contributing to Venipedia.

Contributing to Venipedia

Contributions should be carefully thought out before they are added into Venipedia. Before creating new articles, search for existing articles of the same topic and see if the new information could be added to the existing article. Ensure that any and all contributions follow the proper page structure and consult the Article wizard for help creating new pages.

Writing Style

When contributing to Venipedia keep in mind that Venipedia is an encyclopedia and all entries should be written accordingly. Encyclopedia entries provide factual information about topics and the said information should be presented in a straight forward manner. An entry is not essay and narrative description should not be used.

Facts that should be from reliable sources that be cited and referenced at the bottom of the article. Venipedia is not the place for opinions or thoughts on a subject, but rather for information that is currently accepted and can be verified. This applies especially to the discussion of data. Data can be presented and discussed, but no conclusions should be drawn from the data unless these conclusions are verifiable by some outside source.

The city of Venice should be the focus of these entries; this refers to the islands in the Venetian lagoon and excludes the settlements on the mainland (for example Mestre and Maghera.

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