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Total number of maps recorded by the VPC 184
Total number in the 1400s 7
Total number in the 1500s 32
Total number in the 1600s 50
Total number in the 1700s 48
Total number in the 1800s 63
Total number in the 1900s 7

Hundreds of maps have been made of Venice over the years. Maps give us a look at what Venice looked like from 1500 to 1900. Before 1500, not many maps exist, and after 1900, aerial photography and more advanced technology for creating views of Venice.


We have data for 184 maps accessible through Venipedia. These can be accessed in the navbox at the bottom of the page. We have several types of maps, including orthographic, bird's-eye and panoramic. The amount of certain types of maps made over time reflects the technological capabilities at each point. In the distant past, panoramic maps were popular. These were easy to draw based on what was seen from the ground. Later, bird's-eye views become popular. These are made from a higher angle, made possible by the creation of large towers. Finally, thanks to developments in cartography, orthographic maps, maps showing a view perpendicular to the ground, became popular.

Historical maps infographic.jpg

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