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This page is an overview of a typical masonry bridge in Venice.

File:Masonry bridge 2.jpg
an example of a masonry bridge

Masonry bridges are the most prevalent bridges and best suit the aged traditional appearance of Venice. These Bridges are generally made of three materials: Istria Stone, brick, and Mortar. [1]. The most renown masonry bridge is the Rialto.



File:Bridge diagram.png
Cross section of a masonry bridge
File:Bridge 3d.png
3d crossection of a masonry bridge

The structure of a masonry bridge is the most complicated of the three bridge types prevalent in Venice. The base of a masonry bridge is composed of brick. In the first layer the bricks run vertically and are then met by a layer of horizontal brick (see diagram). The foundation of brick layers is followed by a layer of Mortar upon which the Bridge Steps and landings are built. Lastly the Bridge Walls are constructed in order to prevent pedestrians from falling into the Canals.[2]


File:Bridge shapes.png
From left to right: arco ribassato, tutto tondo, schiena d'asino, and arco policentrico.

The main structure of a masonry bridge, consists of the arch. Depending on the size and history of the arch, it can be made in 4 different styles.[3]

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