Ponte de l'Anconeta

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Basic Information
Bridge Code
Zucchetta Number
Canal Crossed
Handicapped Accessible?
Length (m)
Width (m)
Minimum Height (m)
Latitude (°)
Longitude (°)
Crooked Bridge?

Overview of Bridge

The Ponte de l'Anconeta was built primarily using Mattoni e Pietra d'Istria. It crosses the Rio de S. Marcuola bridging a gap which is 5.51 meters. The bridge is not a crooked bridge. On the northern side of the bridge is the sestiere of Cannaregio and on the southern side is also Cannaregio .There are 2 ramps. On the north side there are 11 steps, on the south side there are 12 steps. This results in a total of 23 steps. The height of a typical step is 12 meters, the thickness of a step is about 46 centimeters, and the width of a step is about 2.8 meters.The steps are paved with Trachite. The bridge is not handicapped accessible and it does not have an additional railing. The summit is 2.77 meters wide and 2.56 meters in length for a total area of about 7.09 meters. The summit is paved with Trachite. Also, this bridge has 1 arch. The bridge's Vuoto Decorato railing is made of Metallo and is about 3.00 meters wide is about 0.95 meters tall. Finally, the bridge protrudes 0 meters to the North and 0.9 meters to the South.



The following is any history we have regarding the bridge's origins:

to Ss Ermagora and Fortunato. Some young devotees, united in brotherhood, exposed for public veneration in the church of Sts Ermagora and Fortunato image of B. V. Arisen because some quarrels with the chapter of the church, these young people brought up the image in a small oratory from their own farm, which chiamossi of Anconetta, \diminutive d '\ ancona \, stemming from the greek\ Eikon \(image). This oratory ampliossi for the generosity of Pasquino Carlotti, who, by his will 24 August 1623 gave the following provision: \Lasso my house Ven.a mail to S. Marcuola \(Ss Ermagora and Fortunato)\ all'Anconeta, alli doi Bridges, the Glorious Virgin But even that return it, praying it Glorious Mother of God who inspires in the heart for those who handle the brotherhood who want to enlarge the Church and quadrarla, and why possino do so without excuse, I want it, you pay the taxes to S. Mark of the said house, from time to time you scoder� them rents, adunisi so much money that can possibly throw zozo the said house, et allargar the church to the altar Grando, et up to the level of soffittado of that church, and up sora Calle going alli doi Bridges, where if the face another door, with the obligation to make me say every day a requiem Mass for my soul for ever \, etc.. etc..\nThe Oratory dell'Anconetta, who came to 'day February 22, 1652 M. V. by authority of the Senate, \received in protection della Signoria, lest, continuandosi the government of the Church and School of lay people, then traveling in their divotione with growth of merit and dignity of the city, et exaltation of divine worship,\ had a renovations in 1740 as a legacy 'de woman Laura relita of quond. Isepo linariol Sandrin, \but it was closed in the early years of the present century, and in 1855 landed entirely to enlarge the next street. A plaque placed on the floor marks the site where it once stood.\nThe fire that appiccossi not far from the \Campiello del Tagliapietra 'in the parish of SS. Ermagora and Fortunato, 28 November 1789, also destroyed the \Bridge dell'Anconetta\ with the surrounding buildings lunghesso the channel. See Tagliapietra (Campiello del).


The bridge is located at the following coordinates:

Latitude: 45.4437774° N

Longitude: 12.329831° E

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