Ponte de la Madoneta

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Basic Information
Bridge Code
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Canal Crossed
Handicapped Accessible?
Length (m)
Width (m)
Minimum Height (m)
Latitude (°)
Longitude (°)
Crooked Bridge?

Overview of Bridge

The Ponte de la Madoneta was built primarily using Mattoni, Intonaco e Pietra d'Istria. It crosses the Rio della Madonnetta bridging a gap which is 4.49 meters. The bridge is not a crooked bridge. On the northern side of the bridge is the sestiere of San Polo and on the southern side is also San Polo .There are 2 ramps. On the north side there are 10 steps, on the south side there are 10 steps. This results in a total of 20 steps. The height of a typical step is 11 meters, the thickness of a step is about 51 centimeters, and the width of a step is about 6.05 meters.The steps are paved with Asfalto. The bridge is not handicapped accessible and it does not have an additional railing. The summit is 6.05 meters wide and 4.13 meters in length for a total area of about 24.99 meters. The summit is paved with Asfalto. Also, this bridge has 1 arch. The bridge's Vuoto Geometrico railing is made of Metallo e Pietra d'Istria and is about 4.50 meters wide is about 0.95 meters tall. Finally, the bridge protrudes 0 meters to the North and 0 meters to the South.


The following is any history we have regarding the bridge's origins:

�to S. Polo. For these and other places of equal name, see Carmine (Bridge. In the fifteenth century the \Bridge\ and \Calle della Madonnetta 'in S. Polo Yea were called to' Ca 'Pisani� pegli stable formerly owned by this family, still joined by an arc above the coat of arms which scorgesi Pisani. From that time then the image of the Blessed Virgin exist on the bridge, as it portrays the \Rasp\ that in 1393 killed Andrea Dandolo Andrea Bragadin 'contracta in St. Apollinaris in calli cha de Pisani, for Pontem Virginis Mariae. \And first, as recounted in the Sanudo in his Lives of the Doges, John Majoni, a silversmith, who went to the city by destroying the images of Our Lady, was flogged, by judgment of 25 November 1364, in various places where he had committed the crime, including \on the porch of S. Polo, before the bridge Casa Pisani.\ Even in recent times the image of the Blessed Virgin to the \Ponte della Madonnetta 'in S. Polo was tampered overnight and now no longer exists the altar. At the \Ferry Madonnetta,\ August 5, 1582, two were wounded converse nuns of the Holy Sepulchre, one on the head, and the other on the arm, due to , it is said, of love, and jealousy. A D. Rossi from Cividale del Friuli, author of the act, he was banished by the Council in the absence of X with confiscation of 100 ducats applicable for the benefit of the monastery of the Holy Sepulchre, and on pain of decapitation where he had fallen into the hands of justice.


The bridge is located at the following coordinates:

Latitude: 45.4371999° N

Longitude: 12.330763° E

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