Ponte de la Pescaria

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Basic Information
Bridge Code
Zucchetta Number
Canal Crossed
Handicapped Accessible?
Length (m)
Width (m)
Minimum Height (m)
Latitude (°)
Longitude (°)
Crooked Bridge?

Overview of Bridge

The Ponte de la Pescaria was built primarily using Mattoni, Intonaco e Pietra d'Istria. It crosses the Rio de le Becarie bridging a gap which is 6.99 meters. The bridge is not a crooked bridge. On the northern side of the bridge is the sestiere of San Polo and on the southern side is also San Polo .There are 2 ramps. On the north side there are 12 steps, on the south side there are 10 steps. This results in a total of 22 steps. The height of a typical step is 13 meters, the thickness of a step is about 40 centimeters, and the width of a step is about 2.79 meters.The steps are paved with Trachite. The bridge is not handicapped accessible and it does not have an additional railing. The summit is 2.79 meters wide and 2.89 meters in length for a total area of about 8.06 meters. The summit is paved with Trachite. Also, this bridge has 1 arch. The bridge's Piena railing is made of Mattoni, Intonaco e Pietra d'Istria and is about 28.00 meters wide is about 0.85 meters tall. Finally, the bridge protrudes 0.3 meters to the North and 0.3 meters to the South.


The following is any history we have regarding the bridge's origins:

�Rialto. This fish was established in 1332, and speaks of the Savina year 1398 with the words: \It was compida the Foundation Pescaria Rialto stone and Fruttaria, the first in what gera de timber, comenziando to Camerlenghi of the City to the ferry of S. Sofia, zoe the boats that if he goes in Padua. \ Here, as shown by a decree of 1381, reported by Gallicciolli, were sold, as well as fish, birds, which custom continued even in the subsequent centuries. Returns the Sanudo on 23 October 1531, he decreed that \the salizzare Pescaria defeat for the fire I do in ostaria of the Tower.\ In 1884, the Fish was rebuilt with barocchissimo covered with iron. Fishermen were in their thousands to the fall of the Republic, but the so-called \fish Compravendi� hundred and fifty eight only. This job is reserved exclusively to fishermen of St. Nicholas and Poveglia after they had fished for 20 years, and had reached the age of fifty years. In this way they wanted to give a reward to those worthy men who had labored in fishing, and most could not, as a youth, endure hardships, vigils, and dangers. The \Compravendi fish,\ gathered in the church of B. V. Carmine under the protection of St. Nicholas, while the Fishermen possessed a special school of devotion, located outside of the church itself, and dedicated to St. Alberto, as well as others in other churches. In addition to the Rialto, in some other place, where you sell fish, we find the name of \Pescaria.\


The bridge is located at the following coordinates:

Latitude: 45.439924° N

Longitude: 12.3338019° E

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