Ponte dei Pignoli

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Basic Information
Bridge Code
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Canal Crossed
Handicapped Accessible?
Length (m)
Width (m)
Minimum Height (m)
Latitude (°)
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Crooked Bridge?

Overview of Bridge

The Ponte dei Pignoli , constructed in 1767, was built primarily using Mattoni, Intonaco e Pietra d'Istria. It crosses the Rio dei Bareteri bridging a gap which is 7.26 meters. The bridge is not a crooked bridge. On the northern side of the bridge is the sestiere of San Marco and on the southern side is also San Marco .There are 2 ramps. On the north side there are 12 steps, on the south side there are 10 steps. This results in a total of 22 steps. The height of a typical step is 15 meters, the thickness of a step is about 38.5 centimeters, and the width of a step is about 1.45 meters.The steps are paved with Trachite. The bridge is not handicapped accessible and it does not have an additional railing. The summit is 2.43 meters wide and 1.98 meters in length for a total area of about 4.81 meters. The summit is paved with Trachite. Also, this bridge has 1 arch. The bridge's Vuoto Decorato railing is made of Metallo and is about 4.00 meters wide is about 0.87 meters tall. Finally, the bridge protrudes 0.5 meters to the North and 0.3 meters to the South.



The following is any history we have regarding the bridge's origins:

�to S. Giuliano. 'Agostino de Vincenti from sticklers q. Thomas' made his will 26 May 1599, in acts of G. Andrea Trevisan, in the house of his home \in Contra de S. Zulian, in Calle di picky. \ He left usufructuary of a portion of his wealth his wife Serena, who died, he wanted that everything was sold, with the proceeds and that you did four annual funeral in the church of S. Giuliano and to give five ducats a year to poor maidens of the district, \for maridar or monacar,\ elected by the chapter of the School of Sacramento coll'intervento de 'its commissioners. These provisions were raffermate in the will of his wife, made January 5, 1601 M. V. in the same parish of St. Julian's, in acts of Lucillo Beaziano, where it is named \Serena fiola of q. Prandin of Prandini, and relita de m. Agostino de Vincenti by Pignoli. \ This is sufficient in order to explain the origin of swine vesicular disease names. The \Campiello dei Pignoli 'in S. Giuliano had appealed, as seen in the cadastre of 1713, \Court of Queen or Pignoli,\ in memory of Tommasina Morosini, Queen of Hungary. Living in Venice Stefano, royal prince of Hungary, and frequenting the house of Albertino Morosini, the \grando,\ by S. Giuliano, invaghissi of him sister Thomasine, and, as his wife obtained it, became the father of Prince Andrew said therefore the Venetian, who was led by his mother and uncle in Hungary, and afterwards crowned under the name of Andrew III in 1290. He died childless in 1301, and then view Albertino pass the crown on the head of King Wenceslaus of Bohemia, with her sister returned to Venice, where he built a house in S. Giuliano in the court of which we speak. In this house Tommasina closed his days. On the \Foundation of Pignoli,\ in the courtyard at No. A. 1490 scorgesi a wonderful \real\ of the well, the work of Bon. It was built by the family cittadinesca \Menor from Gatta,\ for above-mentioned three faces we see the word Menor, on two staggered shield, coat of arms of this family, and above one, the cats, repeated over a surplus of marble seats, which once surrounded the whole court. One last memory of Menor from Gatta we find in the cadastre of 1713, which describes in these towns a stable and a store from Malvasia, owned by 'Bortolo Filosi, \which, however, was paying fifty ducats per annum, half\ Sebastian by Gatta � , and half in the 'Ms Lucietta by Gatta, \of his sister, together with two buckets of Muscat as a regalia. We will add that, according to a handwritten card of the Stork (1544 Envelope Civic Museum, here he had lived the famous General of the Republic Stefano, or Erasmo da Narni, known as \Gattamelata.\ But this could be an invention arising from the popular 'Cats' the well and the seats, and the nickname \Gattamelata.\ Even a Sottoportico, and a Court in 'Frezzeria' you say 'the Pignoli, \probably because it was also there will be some salesman of\ picky \or Pinocchios. In\ Court of Pignoli \in\ Frezzeria, \there is still a hospice consists of four rooms, which were left for home to so many\ poor widows good condition et fame, \from Bonafemmina Beloved by his will April 30, 1375.


The bridge is located at the following coordinates:

Latitude: 45.4359574° N

Longitude: 12.3374661° E

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