Ponte di via Corinto

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Basic Information
Bridge Code
Zucchetta Number
Canal Crossed
Handicapped Accessible?
Length (m)
Width (m)
Minimum Height (m)
Latitude (°)
Longitude (°)
Crooked Bridge?

Overview of Bridge

The Ponte di via Corinto was built primarily using Cemento Armato. It crosses the Canale di via Candia bridging a gap which is 13.97 meters. The bridge is not a crooked bridge. On the northern side of the bridge is the sestiere of Lido and on the southern side is also Lido.There are 2 ramps. On the north side there are 0 steps, on the south side there are 0 steps. This results in a total of 0 steps. The height of a typical step is 0 meters, and the thickness of a step is about 0 centimetersThe steps are paved with Asfalto e Cemento. The bridge is not handicapped accessible and it does not have an additional railing. The summit is 2.24 meters wide and 20 meters in length for a total area of about 44.80 meters. The summit is paved with Asfalto e Cemento. Also, this bridge has 1 arch. The bridge's Vuoto Decorato railing is made of Metallo and is about 3.00 meters wide is about 0.98 meters tall. Finally, the bridge protrudes 0 meters to the North and 0 meters to the South.


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