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Economy is the network of producers and consumers that trade goods and money within a certain region. The economy of Venice is primarily driven by tourism and as a result tourism has a huge impact on the economy of Venice.

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Cargo on approach to Port of Venice

Venice boasts one of Europe's top ports for break bulk and project cargo traffic. [1] Venice is considered one of the major ports in Europe for general cargo traffic. Import primarily consists of iron, steel, and marble, while exports are especially represented by project cargo. Venice serves as one of the important points of cargo transfer on the Adriatic Sea.

The base of Venice's economy always has been maritime trade and the Port of Venice has become a center for trade between Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. [2] As a result, shipbuilding has ..→


Did you know...

  • ... that there are over 4,100 stores in the city of Venice?
  • ... that there are over 15 million tourists that visit Venice each year?
  • ... that Venice is the cruise ship capital of the Mediterranean?
  • ... that 10% of retail stores in Venice are clothing stores?

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