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Venice’s unique structure has led to the need for specific forms of maintenance, mostly related to the city’s numerous canals. Dredging, wall repair and bridge maintenance are all a priority in Venice. In addition, the city offers unique services, such as the ACTV vaporetti. The vaporetti work like buses in other major cities, but are unique to Venice in their use of the city’s canals.

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Sewage disposal

An outlet of a gatolo in Venice

Sewage disposal is the process in which sewage is transported through cities and inhabited areas to sewage treatment plants, where it is then treated to remove contaminants to produce environmentally-safe waste. Disposal of sewage waste protects public health and prevents disease as well as water pollution from sewage contaminants. Many modern cities have sewage disposal systems, and advancing technology has allowed for more environmentally friendly and healthy solutions to disposing and treating sewage. Sewage systems are part of modern infrastructure and urban utilities, which also include gas, electric, and water supply.

Venice is very unique in terms of its sewage disposal; the canals are the main way waste is disposed of in Venice, though new ..→


Did you know...

  • ... that there are over 200 canals in Venice?
  • ... that Venice's sewage system was once the most advance in the world?
  • ... work on the Port of Maghera once caused Venice to sink?
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