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Venice’s unique structure has led to the need for specific forms of maintenance, mostly related to the city’s numerous canals. Dredging, wall repair and bridge maintenance are all a priority in Venice. In addition, the city offers unique services, such as the ACTV vaporetti. The vaporetti work like buses in other major cities, but are unique to Venice in their use of the city’s canals.

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Flood of 1966

On November 4, 1966, an abnormal occurrence of high tides, rain-swollen rivers and a severe Sirocco wind caused the canals to rise to a height of 194cm or 6ft 4in. Although Venice is known for their [aqua altas] or high waters which often flood the streets, this flood left thousands of residents without homes and caused over six million dollars worth of damage to the various art throughout Venice; therefore making it the worst flood in the history of the city. After being neglected and quietly deteriorating ever since the defeat of the Venetian Republic by Napoleon about a century and a half prior, Venice was suddenly recognized as a city in urgent need of restoration.[1]

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Did you know...

  • ... that there are over 200 canals in Venice?
  • ... that Venice's sewage system was once the most advance in the world?
  • ... work on the Port of Maghera once caused Venice to sink?

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