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1. Introduction
2. Subject
3. Notability
4. Sources
5. Content
6. End
A little complex? Just follow this flowchart.

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Please remember that in order to create an article you must be a registered user.

Is the subject already covered?

Venipedia has 19,312 articles covering as many possible subjects relevant to Venice, Italy. The subject you're thinking of may already be covered under an alternate spelling, capitalization, or transliteration; or simply under an alternative name or expression. To avoid duplicating effort needlessly, make sure you've searched thoroughly for alternate titles. (If you find your subject is already covered under another title, your proposed page title might usefully be redirected there – see Redirect.

Another requirement for Venipedia pages is that the pages do NOT duplicated articles already created in Wikipedia. If Wikipedia has a good article on the topic you wish to write about, we suggest that you ask Wikipedia to help edit that article rather than adding the page to Venipedia.

If you haven't already done so, search in the top right corner of the page to see if your subject is already covered. Also make sure to search Wikipedia to verify that they do not already have an article on the subject.

Does the subject meet guidelines for inclusion?

Did you know?

Venipedia question mark..JPG

Venipedia has a unique set of standards that define what subjects warrant pages within the site. Pages that are irrelevant will be deleted quickly. The Venipedia administrators have created many guidelines for suitable article topics and to help ensure that your page will not be deleted. Please follow this wizard carefully.

Please do not submit articles that are about:

  • yourself, your company or organization (unless your company is operating in or for Venice).
  • your friend, your band, or your website.
  • your vendettas or campaigns.

Remember, the people who review submissions are just volunteers who give up valuable time in order to review your submission.

What is your proposed article about?

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