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This page is an overview of a typical wooden bridge in Venice.

Landing of a wooden bridge

Wooden bridges can be seen in several area's in Venice. These Bridges are almost entirely constructed out of wood. The most renown wooden bridge is the Ponte dell'Accademia which crosses the southern part of the Grand Canal.[1]



steps of a wooden bridge
view of the side of a wooden bridge

The structure of wooden bridges is much like the structure of a Metal Bridge with the exception that it is composed almost entirely of wood. A wooden bridge is not as bulky as a Masonry Bridge; the bridge is supported by two pilings on either side driven into the canal floor. The framework of a wooden bridge is simply long planks that run from one side to the other and a bridge wall constructed of intersecting pieces of wood. The steps and landings of the bridge are then put in place and secured by nails or screws.[2]

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